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Our Family

Framed by the majestic scenery of San Vigilio di Marebbe, we invite you to get to know the Erlacher family.
At the helm is Roland, an experienced ski instructor who shares his knowledge and love of the slopes with infectious enthusiasm. Next to him is Maria, a woman of extraordinary strength and grace, mother of four wonderful children: Lucia, Jan, André and Matio.
The spark of skiing shines in the hearts of the Erlacher family, transmitting the pleasure of adventure and learning through the seasons. But it's not just the emotion of the slopes that drives them, but also the dedication and passion they pour into their beloved farm. From dawn to dusk, the family works tirelessly to cure the goats, prepare artisanal cheeses and keep every corner of the stable spotless.
But what truly sets the Erlacher Family apart is the warm and authentic hospitality they offer. Xou will immediately feel the warmth of home. They will invite you to share their world, from moments of leisure on the slopes during the winter seasons to engaging experiences on the farm. In the summer, the eldest daughter Lucia manages the Munt de Sennes mountain refuge.
Here, you not only travel as guests, but you become part of a family that has a great love for its land, commitment and hospitality as its fundamental values.
You are invited to live the unique experience of the Erlacher Family, where passion and dedication create unforgettable and lasting memories.


Str. Plan Dessora 4

S.Vigilio di Marebbe (Bz)

Dolomiti - Südtirol/Alto Adige (IT)

Phone & Whatsapp

Shop (+39) 3485703095

Apartments (+39) 3405710449


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